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October 5, 2016

Somebody Calling: Litany of the Unremembered

In my room I light a candle and that’s when I hear it. These haunting notes from some distant corner of my psyche, or, rather, something reaching into my psyche. So I pick up my guitar and suddenly there’s a song vibrating each and every cell in my body. I have to remind myself to breathe as I direct every ounce of energy into capturing the music that I’m hearing. So often it does just slip away.

Sometimes songs come because I’m fiddling around with my guitar and I hear things that I work with until they are this thing called “song.” Sometimes they come because I want to write about something in particular so I sit down and experiment and sometimes something decent emerges. And sometimes, it is so obvious that somebody else is writing the song through me. I get to react to it, shape it, tease it out, bring it to the group to develop it further, but there’s clearly music coming from beyond my single human brain. Those are the best moments.

This song began with these eerie, supernatural oooohs and then there were words giving voice to a mystery. It stopped there for months. When I went back to it, I had my own ideas for where to go next. I had watched the documentary, “Goddess Trilogy: The Burning Times” which painfully recounts the blood-thirsty, power-hungry crusades against women’s medicine, women’s law, women’s autonomy and women’s spirituality that took place during the two hundred years benignly referred to as “The Inquisition.” There was no inquiry happening then, no curiosity, no quest for truth or knowledge or wisdom. Just a lust for blood, for screams of agony, for charred flesh, for power over, for our submission. This is when fables about an evil, inquisitive woman and a snake really took hold and shaped our feminine psyche in the image of this unforgivable sin that we never actually committed.

This song is an invocation. We’ve written songs that invoke Goddesses before, “Ma Durga,” “Amma,” “Pele.” “Somebody Calling” cries out the names of 33 different goddesses from Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America. Goddesses of Mystery, Oracle, Goddesses of the Underworld and of Witches, Goddesses of Wrath and Goddesses of Death, Goddesses of Healing and Goddesses Who Remember.

We are honored to premiere this song in the sacred space known as herchurch during the All Saints/All Souls Liturgy. This will take place nine days before the 2016 presidential election. We need these Goddesses now, perhaps more than ever. We need their fire and their vision and their fury and their love. We invite you to call them forth with us on Sunday, October 30th at herchurch, 10:30am. On this morning we will all come together to drum for peace and sing for sanity to prevail on our planet. Will you join us?

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