Music in praise of the Divine Feminine for ritual, empowerment, and justice

August 5, 2014


Devi Vaani green stage

Devi Vaani. The Voice of the Goddess.

The symbolism is rich.  The harmonies are sublime.  The music is joyful, sweet, fierce, angry, deep, flowing, hopeful – but always powerful.

The possibilities are endless!

Devi Vaani is a San Francisco-based band dedicated to the Divine Feminine. Our name means “Voice of the Goddess” in Sanskrit.

What is the Divine Feminine, you ask?  Well, it’s God – imagined as She.  Unusual in the Western world… rarely spoken of… sometimes associated negatively with paganism, nature worship, or witchcraft.

But She’s just God.  The Divine One, Source of all that is, the Great Mother who birthed the world and continues to nurture and care for Her creation.

Our culture has forgotten Her and even pushed her out of our imagination.  This is no accident; it’s part of patriarchy and sexism.  If we forget Goddess, we forget that women, as well as men, are made in the image of the Divine.  As the saying goes, “if God is male, then male is God” – and we assume that women must be something less.

Devi Vaani sings the praises of Goddess in the hopes that the world will re-awaken to the goodness of the Mother, and once again honor all women as sacred beings in Her image.  We are blessed to have met one another at the right time, to be making music together, and to have released our first original album, She is Here, and an album of Goddess Christmas music in collaboration with Rev. Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Sing of Peace.

We began as three women, three guitars, and three voices.

In recent years, our collaboration with Lana, our violinist, has become so much a part of the Devi Vaani sound and energy that she has naturally become the fourth member of the group. We are blessed to have her harmonies, heart, technical skill and gentle humor in our funky and charming Goddess folk-rock band.


At the end of the day, we are four women who really, really like making music together… and we believe that when women’s voices rise up, the Voice of the Goddess speaks.

Blessed be!

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